Your WHO Is Your Fuel with Hallie Ringhand

move forward anyway podcast

“Even if you’re a small business owner or a solopreneur, you can’t do it alone,” says Hallie Ringhand, founder of New U Today, a nutrition and coaching business centered on the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of wellness and pain management. Hallie talks with host Jeff Meyer about how she perseveres through hardship by reminding herself of the people who drive her – both her clients, and the people who inspired her to take this leap in the first place. 

Both Hallie and Jeff agree that in their business ventures, asking for help was the key to success. You are always learning as you go in business, and that means finding community that can guide you through hardship. Hallie has faced many of these challenges during her career, and wondered if she should just quit and go work for someone else again. But then she remembers the WHO that got her here: the clients she wants to help, the problems she wants to solve, and the people, like her grandmother who survived the Holocaust and her mother who raised her alone, that taught her how to move forward anyway. 

Tune in this week for stories of resilience in entrepreneurship. And remember: you don’t have to go it alone. 


  • “In order to embrace vulnerability, you have to admit that you’re not perfect, and that you can’t do it alone.” (21:27-21:29)
  • “The path that you think you’re going to travel, is never the path you’re going to travel.” (38:03-38:09)


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