Follow Your Dreams, So You Can Be in the Room Where It Happens

“Who are we not to do it, if God has called us and placed it in us?” Partners in life, ministry, and business, Shikina and Chris Bodley felt a calling to use their skills to help their Chicago community. Shikina, a speech-language pathologist, and her husband Chris, a pastor, have spent many years navigating the path of raising godly sons. This experience fostered within them the desire to help other members of their community find a similar sense of holy purpose, which led the couple to found Ephas. While it is still in its infant stages, this program aims to add a measure of faith and grace to anyone in the community who might need it. 

Shikina and Chris believe that everyone has a calling, and that’s not unique to the church. The couple explains that even within the church, members shouldn’t be afraid to venture beyond the physical walls of the ministry. After all, if we take Jesus as a model, he accomplished the vast majority of his work outside of the physical church! Although their journey has been grounded in faith, Shikina and Chris have wisdom for individuals from all walks of life, regardless of religion. Their unique perspectives on spirituality, leadership and identity are invaluable to any listener.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an engaging and powerful conversation between Chris, Shikina, and host Jeff Meyer about holy purpose. Through their personal stories and poignant insights, Shikina and Chris will inspire you to follow your dreams, so you can be present when they are finally realized. 

• “Out of it came Ephas….It means ‘measure’ in Greek….In the gospel it talks about a measure of your faith, and so we looked at it from the standpoint of how we could add a measure of faith, a measure of grace. In all those areas, what could we add to be able to incorporate and empower people to live lives that are going to be purposeful and intentional and practical?”  (6:34-7:00)

• “I think, too, one of the things initially is getting over…this idea of limiting beliefs, thinking that you have to be an expert in all things in order to be helpful to people versus understanding that God has given you the measure of faith, the ephas, in order to bless other people.” (14:02-14:23)

• “We have an old framework as well, so we think it has to be in the church, when very often, when you look at Jesus as a model, he was rarely in the church doing ministry so to speak! So it’s important for us to think about the idea…that maybe the vision that God is birthing in you is for you to do outside of the Church, but taking the kingdom with you as you go.” (20:08-20:40)

• “I think that you don’t just see visions only in the church. You see a preferred future, you see what could be. And I think that all of us can see things that could be, and it just burns inside of us. And I think for us to ignore it, that something will die.” (24:44-25:03)

• “Do not dismiss the day of small beginnings. Regardless of where you are, God is there….For me, that has always been encouraging, that even if I was in a proverbial pit, it was important that God said, ‘I’m with you,’ and that God can still bring things alive even when you’re not at the finish line, but you’re in process.” (42:06-42:41)

• “You’re alive right now for a reason, for a purpose. Do not doubt what God has started in you. Allow him to finish….Don’t block your blessings by being a hater on yourself!” (43:44-44:05)


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