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“We will all experience one or maybe several times where we will be gasping for breath,” says John Busacker, co-author of Gasping for Breath. At the beginning of our lives, we walked with God, and breathing felt easy. However, as time went on, we forgot how to breathe and have found ourselves gasping for breath ever since, but according to John, we can learn how to breathe again.

Whether it be physically, emotionally, or spiritually, we will all find ourselves out of breath from time to time. While this can leave us feeling uncomfortable, John tells listeners it is important to understand this is a natural part of life. To recover our breath, John explains that we need to focus on our relationship with God because he is the giver of breath. When we learn to have an active relationship with the Holy Spirit, we can breathe deeper for generations to come.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for another interview with John Busacker. Learn more about the story behind his book and how you can recover your breath and live a fulfilling life through the spirit of God.



• “Our book, Gasping for Air is both personal and universal. Personal in the sense that Dave has his own experience. Since he was first diagnosed, his condition has progressed. His health is diminishing and his ability to breathe is diminishing. I’m not currently having that same experience, but I’ve had my own personal experiences of gasping for breath and so have you. So the other part is universal because every other human on the planet has also had a similar experience.” (16:02-16:39)

• “Whether it’s physical, emotional, financial, relational, or professional, we will experience one or maybe several times where we will be gasping for breath. And so that’s really what we wanted to lean into with the book is what to do when that happens.” (16:46-17:05)

• “It’s important to acknowledge and to accept that sometimes we’re gasping for breath and it’s a natural thing.” (21:01-21:17)

• “It’s good to recover our breath sometimes, but it’s also important to realize that we’re not meant to live gasping for breath.” (21:59-22:03)



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