I just said, I just feel so blessed.

Tricia Schwechel has always been an entrepreneur. After her father passed away, she took over her family’s child care center and eventually turned it into a crafting retreat house and Airbnb. Although it hasn’t been easy, her business, Cornerstone Crossing Retreat and Resort, has continued to grow despite the naysayers. 

By the time Cornerstone Crossing Retreat and Resort was ready to open, the pandemic had begun across the globe. Although many people doubted the concept of a crafting retreat house, Tricia still believed in her vision and sought solutions. After turning the house into an Airbnb, Cornerstone became a haven for small groups, proving that creative spaces for the community are a recipe for success.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an inspiring conversation with Tricia Schwechel on believing in your vision. Learn how Trica started her crafting retreat house, relied on her community during COVID, and maintained her faith despite the roadblocks.



• “Everything was just coming into the right place at the right time. And again, just giving more and more confirmation that this is a possibility.” (10:05 – 10:13)

• “I would say at that point, it was just a matter of having faith. Having faith that, let’s try this, what’s the worst that can happen? Let’s pursue this dream.” (11:04 – 11:14)

• “I felt like it was such a huge blessing that we were in a small community because I felt like this, not that the big communities didn’t care, but it was a smaller community. They were helping out the small businesses so that people didn’t fold.” (15:26 – 15:39)

• “I truly believe that I’m just bringing people together and community. At this point, I feel like there’s a lot of people that don’t have that community or that need that community, and this is a beautiful place to do it.” (18:18 – 18:29) 

• “It’s really important to keep in mind our “who.” Who is this for? How will they benefit?” (24:50 – 24:56)

• “The dream wasn’t given by a committee. I read that yesterday in a post somewhere. And literally in your story, Cornerstone was given to you. It was given to you as a gift, and it’s been entrusted to you. So you’re stewarding it.” (30:49 – 31:06)



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