Everybody Has a Dream. Everybody Has Been Designed by the Creator to be a Co-creator.

“In my essence, I am a firestarter. I am a dream multiplier. I do believe that is my calling in life,” says Jeff Meyer, Move Forward Anyway host and Founder of the Dream Accelerator. After following in his father’s footsteps by becoming a Pastor, Jeff realized that his main goal is to help others become their true selves. Now, Jeff accomplishes this goal through writing, podcasting, and coaching with his Dream Accelerator program. In today’s special episode of Move Forward Anyway, the tables are turned as Jeff’s wife, Amy, interviews him on what inspired him to pursue his dream and why he encourages others to do the same.

Jeff has always wanted to help people. After taking a sabbatical from his career as a Pastor to discover his true path, Jeff determined that his life purpose is to motivate people to follow their passions. A natural firestarter, a nickname he’s carried since college, Jeff understands that life is short and we aren’t just meant to labor. Although there are always reasons to long for the weekend or resign to other people’s ideas for you, Jeff believes the Creator designs us to be a co-creator in our lives, and we are destined to make our dreams a reality.

Tune into this week’s episode for a self-reflective conversation with Jeff and Amy about the importance of pursuing your dreams. Learn more about Jeff’s life-changing sabbatical, the four iterations of the Dream Accelerator, and how even though fear will come, we must move forward anyway.



• “In my essence, I am a firestarter. I am a dream multiplier. I do believe that’s my calling in life.” (10:07 – 10:21)

• “It has been exciting to watch people, our clients wrestle their dream to the ground and then start to pursue it, and then feel the tension of pursuing it, and struggle with pursuing it, and having the support to pursue it that I really didn’t have along the way. I am happy to be able to provide that.” (14:10 – 14:40) 

• “My book that’s coming out, The Dream Primer deals with people that know they want something different in their life, but they really have no idea what it might be, and so some of those exercises in the Dream Primer are going to be helpful for those folks. But yes, we do help people from every point of the spectrum.” (19:49 – 20:23)

• “We all need those friends who are lit up around us. They are not just interesting people, but they’re interested in us and interested enough to really ask questions, listen to our dream, and provide resources and encouragement.” (21:17 – 21:41)

• “I began my 90 seconds by saying fear will come and I had my audience repeat it. Fear will come, fear will stay, move forward anyway. Your dream must live.” (24:54 – 25:09)

• “Everybody has a dream. Everybody has been designed by the Creator to be a co-creator. I see so many people laboring to make a living and they wait too long.” (32:43 – 33:02)

• “If your heart’s racing, your mind is racing with ideas. I would say lean into it. Don’t push it down. Don’t listen to the dream crushers and lean into it. Ask yourself what if? What if that could happen? And then secondly, know that you are not alone.” (43:06 – 43:31) 



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