Don’t Dabble. Make Your Choice and Stick With It!

“I was an overnight success. Ten years in the making,” says Dave Chesson, Founder of Kindlepreneur. Dave first started his career in the military and was sent around the world. Realizing that this was not his path, Dave started the book marketing company, Kindlepreneur, which allowed him to follow his true passion: being home with his kids.

It took Dave three years to see more revenue from Kindlepreneur than his military job. Although he could have seen this as a sign to pivot into something else, Dave understood that the road to success is never easy. Wanting to work from home to be with his kids, Dave committed to growing his business no matter how long it took. With Kindlepreneur now a lucrative company, Dave reminds the audience that dipping your toe into too many areas will only get you farther from your goals.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for a straightforward conversation on sticking to your choices. Learn more about Dave’s motivation behind starting Kindlepreuneur, the difference between passions and hobbies, and how there’s no such thing as an overnight success.


• “The real definition of passion is that it’s something you are willing to suffer for.” (10:47 – 10:53)

• “I was gaining knowledge. I was gaining experience. And when you combine knowledge and experience, you gain intuition. I started to make more intuitive decisions that made things easier with time. So, figure out what your real suffering passion is about, and that could be about the goal, or it can be about the process.” (13:00 – 13:23)

• “When we talk about these failures, I don’t look down on them. I don’t like to consider them failures because they were stepping stones to where I am today.” (14:26 – 14:35)

• “People will try something. They’ll dabble in something. And when they don’t see the results they want, they pivot to something else. And then they dabble in that. And then, when they don’t see the results they want, they pivot again. As you pivot, you just start going in circles and you never go anywhere because your brain is conditioned to think it didn’t work for me, it worked for that guy, but it just didn’t work for me immediately.” (34:07 – 34:32) 

• “Don’t dabble. Make your choice and stick with it. Because if you dabble, you’re never really going to see a good ROI on what you’re doing unless you get lucky.” (42:49 – 42:57) 

• “Treat whatever it is that you’ve chosen as a skill because skills take hundreds, if not 1000s of hours to build. And when you approach it that way, you will be successful.” (43:08 – 43:19)

• “A lot of people look at me, and they think that I was an overnight success. You know what? I was an overnight success. Ten years in the making!” (44:12 – 44:20)  



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