You Just Have To Keep Moving Forward

“If you’re out helping others get to their dreams, that will come back to you,” says Nick Curran, Founder, and CEO of Numbers4Nonprofits. When a former boss called Nick for guidance with a non-profit’s financials, Nick was happy to assist. Due to word of mouth, Nick’s work quickly snowballed, leading him to launch Numbers4Nonprofits, an accounting firm that helps non-profits manage their money.

Nick was not an expert in the non-profit finance world, but he was excited to try. Knowing that he could always fall back on traditional accounting, Nick did not fear failure as he built his successful business. Although difficult days are inevitable and management solutions may be needed, Nick reminds entrepreneurs that throughout the good and the bad, you have to show up for your team and dream no matter what.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anway for a conversation on effective leadership. Learn more about how Nick started Numbers4Nonprofits, the challenges of running a business, and why you must keep moving forward every day.



• “We help nonprofits with all things numbers. Our tagline is managing money with a mission, and we live that tagline.” (1:50 – 2:00) 

• “Mistakes are just part of what everybody has to go through to get through life. If we could only think of mistakes as not just a negative, but rather as one more part of life.” (8:44 – 8:58)

• “If you’re out helping others get to their dreams, that will come back to you.” (13:34 – 13:40)

• “I’m a little bit risk-averse because I’m an accountant. I’m also a marketing major, so I’m a dreamer I guess on some levels. I call it calculated risk.” (25:31 – 25:42)

• “If you’re really shooting towards a goal, you’ve got to set aside a specific time to achieve that.” (31:32 – 31:37)

• “If you’re a dreamer and you don’t want to think about numbers, make sure you have that support structure in place behind you.” (39:53 – 40:00) 



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