Don’t Worry about Anything, Pray about Everything! Phillipians 4

51% of what we do is just telling people that we believe in them,” says Ben Griffin, Pastor and City Director of LINC Twin Cities and cousin of host Jeff Meyer. With over twenty years of pastoral experience, Ben understands that his job is to empower others to follow God’s path for them. Through his efforts, Ben reminds his fellow dreamers that strategies and networks are in place to help them reach their full potential.


Although worrying is natural, Ben reminds the listeners about the vital use of prayer. As feelings of anxiety and fear come, we can overcome these negative emotions and genuinely move forward if we trust God’s plan. By telling God what you need and trusting him to guide you, we ultimately put ourselves in the position to work through our discomfort to find fulfillment.


Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for a reassuring conversation on trusting God with your dreams. Learn more about Jeff and Ben’s family history, how failure is part of the road to success, and the importance of leaning on the Lord.



• “51% of what we do is just telling people that we believe in them. I think God’s put you in place to do that. Now, we’re with you to help figure out what that looks like. The other 49% is bringing in processes and strategies and networks and navigators to walk with you in the process.” (9:27 – 10:00)

• “Down the road, we create a map of things to maximize and multiply. So, once you’re on the ground, you can take it to the next level.” (10:35 – 10:43)

• “Name a person that hasn’t failed. Name one person with raging success that didn’t come through the road of failures on the way. God uses those things to build and grow us.” (15:32 – 15:46) 

• “Everything we’re doing is seating the leaders of the future. So, overcoming fear comes from that deep-seated way of pressing through. We can’t underestimate the power of leaning on the Lord.” (18:04 – 18:19)

• “We’re trying to help the church be more efficient in the work of the Kingdom so that more and more people know Jesus.” (25:05 – 25:15)

• “As entrepreneurs, the first stage is just doing it when we start. But you’ll hit a block, and every founder hits that.” (29:15 – 29:22)



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