I Was No Longer Seeing It as This Impossible Dream

“I would say you’re never too old. Never too old. Go ahead,” says Rocklyn Grace. Rocklyn, a former writing and research professor, spent many years focused on teaching others to write, rather than her own creative writing. Now the author of the Remnant Chronicles, Rocklyn is finally realizing her dream, proving that it’s never too late.


With a career in academia, Rocklyn could not focus on her writing. Between work and the general obstacles of life, Rocklyn always had to put her personal projects aside. However, Rocklyn’s dream eventually became unavoidable as she became increasingly driven to write. Although it isn’t easy, Rocklyn proves that you can achieve your goals at any age as long as you’re willing to try.


Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an inspiring conversation on going after what you want. Learn more about Rocklyn’s storytelling journey, her experience with Jeff’s Dream Accelerator, and why her true goal is to make the world a kinder place.



• “I would say you’re never too old. Never too old. Go ahead.” (6:04-6:09) | Rocklyn) 

• “It’s never too late to get in there and try. Maybe you have to adjust your dream a little bit, but do it. People need your dream.” (6:25-6:34) | Rocklyn) 

• “I had to learn to step back and just laugh at myself a little and say, “You know what, even if it’s delayed, it will still get published.” (32:33-32:43) | Rocklyn)

• “I just want to be able to tell them that they’re loved, they are seen, and that God loves them.” (38:00-38:06) | Rocklyn)

• “If you’re listening, contact Jeff and get some clarity. And let us help bring this dream into fruition because your dream is important. I love you and we want your dream.” (40:22-40:37 | Rocklyn)



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