Acknowledge the Giftings You’ve Been Given to Influence the Marketplace!

“I think we have to give ourselves permission to adequately look at what our skills are,” explains Christina Walker, Vocal Performance Coach at Christina Walker’s Vocal Performance Studio and CEO of Christina Walker Communications. Christina was a vocal coach for twenty-two years and learned much about entrepreneurship throughout her career. Now, she has a waiting list for her ever-growing business, where she finds fulfillment in watching people improve a skill they love.


Christina saw a hole in the vocal coach market—how kids performed under pressure. Through her program, she teaches children how to move past the anxieties of auditions and live performances to showcase their techniques. Understanding that the “performance energy” can cause our minds to lose control, Christina uses her natural gifts to help her students work past the fear and own their performances.


Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an inspirational conversation on using your gifts to influence the marketplace. Learn more about Christina’s shift from the missionary mindset to business, why we should utilize our natural talents, and how to choose faith over fear.


• “I love what I do because it allows me to impact people in something they’re interested in growing. It’s been fun to see people change as they go through vocal coaching.” (5:57-6:16) Christina)

• “I think we have to give ourselves permission to adequately look at what our skills are and what we are bringing to people through our gifts and talents.” (7:56-8:10) Christina)

• “But if we shut down and think, “I can’t do this, or there’s just no way.” And when we start having those thoughts, it’s faith or fear. Choose. Nobody can choose for us. We have to choose ourselves.” (27:49-28:05) Christina)

• “I know the vision. I know what I’m going for. I can see it, feel it, taste it. It’s there.” (33:07-33:13) Christina)

• “I think now more than ever, parents need to know what’s actually in the performing arts because it’s really geared a certain way. You can trust what the child is getting, and the coaching they’re receiving from me is to build up and move them forward in what they’re created to do.” (35:54-36:13) Christina)


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