I Will Never Live With ”What If”- I Am Going to Always Strive to Live for the ”Why Not”?

“Courage is the ability to feel fear and do it anyway,” explains Gigi Butler, Founder and Culinary Creator of Gigi’s Cupcakes and Author. Fourteen years ago, Gigi opened her first bakery with only thirty-three dollars left in her name. Five years later, she had over 120 stores in over twenty-four states, demonstrating the power of sticking to your dream.


Before Gigi opened her first bakery, she was a cleaner and aspiring singer living in Nashville. One day, while cleaning a client’s toilet, she got a call from her brother, who encouraged her to open a cupcake shop. After this life-changing call, Gigi found the courage to trust God and work toward making her dream a reality. Although it was risky, Gigi hit it big with Gigi’s Cupcakes and learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur.


Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an uplifting conversation on striving to live for the “why not?” Learn more about Gigi’s entrepreneurial journey, courage’s relationship with fear, and the unbelievable rewards of taking a risk.



• “Courage is the ability to feel fear and do it anyway.” (5:06-5:10 | Gigi) 

• “And all through my life, it’s been a pattern of a tenacious spirit. That’s what God gives you. God gives you special gifts.” (6:34-6:41 | Gigi) 

• “If you listen to what the world says about you, you’re never going to heal. You’re going to be in a rut, you’re going to be devastated, and you’re going to be depressed your whole life. If you depend on what people say about you, you’re done. So good luck with that, because it’s never going to work. You have to hear the words of healing from what God’s perspective of you is.” (13:08-13:28 | Gigi)

• “You have to go through it to learn it. You can’t learn these skills in a college setting. It’s getting the touch and feel, mistakes and pain.” (17:11-17:21 | Gigi) 

• “I think people need to know that being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Living fearlessly and being anointed doesn’t mean you’ll have an easy life. It means you are going to be persecuted more than most people.” (20:39-20:45 | Gigi) 

• “Shame on you if you’re feeling something deep in your spirit, and you keep hearing it and don’t act upon it. Because you’re missing an opportunity to build something and create something that God has intended you to do.” (25:50-26:04 | Gigi) 



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