Leave Something Valuable and Value Will Return to You

“I have found so much peace through music,” explains Mireia Clua, Teacher, Modern Violinist, Composer, and Improviser. Mireia first discovered her love of music in childhood, which prompted her parents to put her into music school. While studying, she realized that her passion was improvising music, which led her to the beautiful career she has today.

For Mireia, music truly is a calling. Although it’s not always lucrative and it’s a competitive field, Mireia’s primary focus is to make music that reminds others about the essence of life. Through working on improvising music with her husband or running social projects, Mireia is fully committed to her passions. It may be challenging at times, but Mireia trusts that her art will reach people in a meaningful way.

Ultimately, you must leave something valuable in the world to receive value. Learn more about Mireia and her husband’s Latin American social projects, balancing an income with art, and her new course on how to compose with a violin. 


• “I have found so much peace through music.” (12:09-12:14| Mireia

• “Music can bring us back to who we are and the essence of life. And that’s what I tried to share with the world.” (13:20-13:28| Mireia)

• “Everything has to be; I have to give value to receive value.” (17:31-17:36| Mireia)

• “There’s always going to be self-doubt. And this is a voice that we always have available inside us.”  (28:12-28:19| Mireia)

• “Every minute counts. So you have to have the desire to express something or do something or to give something to the world. The only thing that you have to lose is the experience itself.”  (28:58-28:11| Mireia)

• “Being an entrepreneur is not all flowers. It’s not an easy path. You’re going to have to work a lot.” (29:19-29:31| Mireia)


Get in touch with Mireia Clua:

Website – Mireiaclua.com & Improviseforreal.com

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/5mo4wph6i4YMt24jsH9yFj?si=0kvfTn84SL-E4DvMdqAUpA&nd=1

Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5yL3eOPzYJZEj55wpR3Dw

Violin Looping Course – https://mireiaclua.com/violin-looping-course/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mireiaclua/

Contact : Email: contact@mireiaclua.com

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