I Literally Hit Rock Bottom, So UP Is the Only Way to Go!

“Obstacles are the fearful things before you, but then you choose how to handle them,” explains Chonci Houston, Founder, CEO, and Owner of Houston’s Tree Service. After suffering from an accident, Chonci hit rock bottom. His pain sparked his dream of opening his own business, leading him to the positive life he leads today.


After an argument with a coworker, Chonci became angry, which affected his work. He then fell from 90 feet, leaving him severely injured. This experience only further ignited Chonci’s faith, and he quickly chose to move forward anyways by starting his own tree service company. No matter what obstacles you face, Chonci believes that if you follow God’s scripture, you will find success. 


Even when things get tough, you can always turn it all around. Learn more about Chonci’s life-changing fall, his visions of God, and the gift of faith.



• “God has a way of using those things that have been a pain, and then you have the choice to move forward anyway. (34:55-35:03| Chonci) 

• “Obstacles are the fearful things before you, but then you choose.” (35:22-35:25| Chonci) 

• “Since I fell, I’m at rock bottom; there’s nowhere else to go but up.” (38:57-39:01 Chonci)

• “I believe that when you commit your way through scripture, he will make you successful. Your plan was successful.” (42:50-42:57 Chonci)

• “Scripture says the reason why people perish is because they don’t have a vision. So you simply need to write it out. Everyone that has ever been successful in life has always written their vision out.” (44:56-45:05 Chonci) 

• “I’m willing to help solve an issue or fear to bring peace and a resolution.”  (47:21-47:26 Chonci) 



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