About Jeff Meyer Dream Accelerator Life Coaching Program


Throughout his lifetime Jeff Meyer has been sparking ALL to dream with fear and boldly pursue their NEXT anyway. #moveforwardanyway

In the trenches of everyday mission and ministry, he has forged a pathway for many to utilize their unique gifts to make a difference in an ever-changing world. 

You will not only be informed by his writing, you will be challenged at every turn to take action. 

What he writes is as actionable as it is informative.

As Your Dream Coach, I Can Also Spark

  • Ministry Clarity
  • Missional Living & Leadership
  • Personal Discipleship & Leadership
  • Mission, Ministry, & Business Alignment
  • Personal Productivity
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Embracing Fear As A Natural Reality Of Life & Learning To #moveforwardanyway

My Motivation

The Question

Great aspirations are discovered through persistent and courageous inquiry.

The Story

Great aspirations attract and inspire other great ideas which, in turn, yield a grand narrative.

The Risk

Great aspirations become substantive with intentional and timely gambles.

My Invitation

What must you do NOW to #moveforwardanyway?

OK, you’ve put it off long enough. Don’t settle a day longer drifting along in life’s current.

Let’s work together to discover and eliminate the forces that are keeping you stuck.