Does The Perfect Planner Exist?

Aug 31, 2020 | Building a Better You

Are you always hunting for the perfect productivity tool? What if there is no such thing?

Almost any tool will do.

Sure, maybe you have found the perfect planner for you. Great. Really. That’s awesome. For most of us, though, the search for it is one of our BIGGEST DISTRACTIONS.


Setting and hitting those goals that will drive you forward toward the dream you seek is less about the silver bullet, and much more about the daily commitment.

Did you decide on using the perfect planner as your key to winning 2020, only to discover that now at the end of August it has big chunks of blank pages in it?

It’s OK.

No time like the present to turn it around and set some meaningful goals that will get you moving again. Let me help. Set up a time to talk with me. I’ll give you 30 minutes….FREE to help you take meaningful action.

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Video Transcript

Are you looking for the perfect planner to crush your goals and to turn 2020 around?

I want to suggest to you that that’s a bad idea.

True confessions, I am a closet planner junkie. And I have lost so much time and energy. looking for the perfect planner. I want to recommend to you that you don’t do that.

So here are my top seven if you’re looking. And,  yes, I’ve tried all of these.

  • Day Timer
  • Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt,
  • 90-day Planner
  • Panda Planner

I’ve even tried bullet journals and tried to tap into my creativity. My hope was that that would make me more focused and more disciplined.

And then I landed on… (Click on it and see if the BEST SELF JOURNAL & PLANNER might be your best option. Ye, it is an affiliate link.)

Best Self Planner and the Self Journal.

I’ve also researched and looked into planners like the…

  • Intentional Year
  • Finisher Planner
  • Project Evo
  • High Performance Planner
  • Mood Tracker Planner
  • Erin Condren Life Planner.

And my favorite name of all? …the Happy Planner.

What I’d like to encourage you to do is pick one.

I finally just settled on one, it’s not perfect, it’s not even named the perfect planner. And, I don’t use it perfectly!

It works for me. The better thing to focus on is actually using it.

How quickly we look for the next silver bullet planner, the next system that’s going to help us accomplish our goals and really make this year different, man!!

Just pick one. Leverage it.  And use it.

Plan your day. Plan your week, Plan your 90 days.

Those are keys for me. Because if you don’t, those weeks and those 90 days, and those days will plan your life for you.

In other words, the emergencies and the distractions will take over, instead of you setting your plans.

So, just pick a planner already! 

Establish a dedicated, devoted time to planning…

…your day before that day.

…your week before that week

…your 90 days before you launch into the next three months of your calendar year.

If you’d like help with this. If you’d like to talk about how to set goals. If you’d like to talk about how your dream that you’re thinking about pursuing leads to actually making goals and planning your week and planning your day and planning your quarter.

I’d love to help you with that! I’m willing to offer you 30 minutes of my time FREE to help you with any of these matters in terms of executing on your plan to realize your dream.

Here’s the link to schedule your FREE 30-minute conversation with me.

Let’s get rocking and rolling on your goals. It’s not too late to turn 2020 around.

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