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Sep 28, 2020 | Building a Better You, Jeff In the News

As we navigate our day-to-day life filled with meetings, doctors’ appointments, PTAs (parent-teachers’ associations), lunch get-togethers, or any other personal or work commitments, ironically enough, we tend to push aside our own dreams or ideas. And, without some recalibration, supportive community, and sustainable courage, we will continue living in the day-to-day and miss the grander adventure of pursuing a dream that we were meant to pursue.

At times, the forgotten dream comes to the forefront of our minds when a success story that we read or hear about resonates with us. Unfortunately though, our mind is immediately filled with doubt, a lack of confidence or motivation, or all of the above. At other times, it is sheer inertia or complacency with the status quo that further hastens our journey along the downward trajectory of unrealized dreams and unexplored hidden potential.

Does This Sound Familiar?

If you hear voices telling you that your dream or idea is not going to work, that it’s not practical, or that you’re inadequate, you’re not alone. In fact, a majority of the population is impacted by these thoughts. Many are living their lives mechanically, almost as if they’re on auto-pilot, remaining confined to self-limiting thoughts and disbelief.

While it is understandable (that it’s not easy to overcome the never-ending train of negative thoughts), it’s certainly not impossible!

With the right support you can do it. With the right coaching program you can realize a more hopeful and meaningful life.. Before dismissing a coaching program, it would be worthwhile to try my life coaching program.

Let me give you a behind-the-scenes look at how leadership coaching and instructional coaching tools can come to the rescue and help you turn around your life. Read on!

The Jeff Meyer VIP Coaching Program Advantage

In my ongoing work with people from all walks of life I have helped people and companies uncover a latent dream and the resolve to #moveforwardanyway in spite of their fear. Your dream deserves a gifted thought partner and creative catalyst.  No two people are alike, neither are their dreams or the ways to realize them. It’s why I urge people to recognize themselves as co-creators and invest in the necessary and individualized support that is so critical to realizing their dream.

My VIP Dream Accelerator Coaching Program is designed to help you realize the power of your own dream. By compelling you to ask yourself insightful questions, helping you visualize the life-changing capability of your fulfilled dream and unlocked potential, my techniques and tools are as practical as they are ideal. I will help you tune into your high-resolution dream. This one-of-a-kind coaching program is built on two foundational principles:

  1. A vivid description of your own dream makes it impossible to not pursue it.
  2. Fear in the dream pursuit is real, unavoidable, and can be used as fuel to realize your dream.

Consider these questions as you consider investing in your dream.

  • What would your life look like if you were actively employing practical solutions when you got stuck?
  • What if you had a creative and supportive group of dreamers with you on your journey?
  • How would your life change if you had valuable insight from a dream coach who has pursued his own dreams successfully?

Although coaching program participants are encouraged to find their own specific paths to realize their unique dreams, the VIP Accelerator Program also teaches them to identify several creative, out-of-the-box ideas that can take them progressively closer to their dream destination, or life calling, as we call it.

The VIP Coaching Program use a multi-pronged approach with a combination of effective techniques, tools that help you develop your unique “dream pursuit plan” with clear, actionable steps.

Here’s a snapshot of the several elements in his personal and entrepreneurial life coaching workshops that help you take concrete, bold action:

  • Tools to help you move forward despite your fear,
  • A repeatable system that transforms your high-resolution dream from your head & heart into an actionable plan.
  • A proven system that will help you identify and tap into unexplored potential, helping you turn your dream to reality.
  • The freedom of focus on your next steps in pursuit of your dream so you can bring your vision to life.
  • 6 months of personal, one-on-one coaching with me to accelerate your path towards your dream destination.

The Dream Accelerator

If you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring one, the VIP Dream Accelerator Coaching Program will be particularly helpful for you. It is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur program and community of amazing dreamers who dare to bring their dreams to reality.

People from all walks of life as well as different backgrounds have benefited from this program. I love being their entrepreneur coach!

In addition to all the valuable tools, techniques, and methods, it also includes a

  • 30-minute Dream Discovery Call helping you nail down YOUR dream,
  • 30-minute Dream Demonstration Call clearly articulating your unique Dream Realization Statement (5 years out),
  • 6-month coaching relationship and dream accelerating program,
  • Membership in our Dream Accelerator Facebook Community.

Learn more about the dream accelerator program.

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