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Pursuing Your Dreams With Fear Not, Dream Big, & Execute

Pursuing your dreams requires help

How To Discern & Pursue Your Dreams

Pursuing your dreams requires courage. Dreams don’t just happen. They are discovered, believed, and realized by those who act.

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Activate the #moveforwardanyway approach to discern, pursue, & realize YOUR dream.

The 3 steps of the Dream Circle will help you in pursuing your dreams.

DISCERN Your Dream

You’ll come away from reading this book changed because you will practice the three skills needed to discover and clarify your dream.

LISTEN for Inspiration

Quiet your mind. Open your heart. And receive the Divine dream spark of your Creator.

TRUST that it’s YOURS

Don’t merely believe IN your Creator. Believe Him. He has entrusted the area, to YOU. It doesn’t belong to someone else.

ENVISION the Future

Hone the skill of clearly describing the future reality of your realized dream. Hold this high-resolution dream in your heart. It’s your fuel!

This is so important because the Dream Spark is something that is given, not acquired. It’s a gift and takes an uncluttered mind and open heart to receive.

Pursuing your dream with the Realization Circle is a smart way to get started.

PURSUING Your Dreams

You will experience the freedom of taking the next step and anticipating where God will take you. You’ll practice these skills until they become your normal mode of operation.

OBEY, Don’t Delay

Get moving. The world needs YOUR dream. Your realized dream begins with the very next step.

PERSEVERE, Don’t Flinch

Obstacles and barriers are inevitable with any dream pursuit. Embrace them as part of the journey. #moveforwardanyway

SHARE, Don’t Hold Back

Teammates. Partners. Beneficiaries. Your dream will take the contribution of others to achieve it.

These Realization Strategies have been discovered and crystalized through the crucible of my own leadership story. I still practice them today!

Pursue YOUR Dreams with Confidence.

Shake off your hesitancy and doubt.

Jeff's book is an essential companion as you start pursuing your dreams.

Fear Not, Dream Big & Execute is packed with life lessons and tools. Full of actionable exercises, this must-have tool kit is much more than information ABOUT dreams and their pursuit. It will help you focus your dream and change your mind about what you can accomplish.

Get this must-have resource and launch your dream forward.

You will be introduced to the Dream Circle and Realization Circle. Call it your own personal map to guide you in pursuing your dreams. We like to refer to it as the #moveforwardanyway approach.

When you open a book and in every single chapter you have an “ah-ha” moment, you know that you have found a book that will become a daily reference.

Doreen Ann Meland
Home Staging and Landscaping Consultant

Doreen got help in pursuing her dreams.

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Jeff Meyer | Dream Coach | An essential partner in pursuing your dreams.

About the Author: Jeff Meyer

A gifted thought partner and creative catalyst, Jeff invites people to explore the many ways we blur our vision and cripple our momentum.

Pursuing your dreams will require thoughtful and invested partners. Throughout his lifetime Jeff Meyer has been sparking others to dream with fear and boldly pursue their NEXT anyway. In the trenches of everyday mission and ministry, he has forged a pathway for many to utilize their unique gifts to make a difference in an ever-changing world. You will not only be informed by his writing, you will be challenged at every turn to take action. What he writes is as actionable as it is informative.

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