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Jeff’s Latest Book:
The Dream Primer

Unlock your true potential and go after the dreams that light a fire in you. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone, hone your gifts, and create a life for yourself that is worthy of being lived!

Fear Not, Dream Big &
Execute On Audio

How To Discern & Pursue Your Dreams

Pursuing your dreams requires courage. Dreams don’t just happen. They are discovered, believed, and realized by those who act.

Shake Off Your Hesitancy and Doubt

With Jeff’s Latest Book: The Dream Primer

The Dream Primer is designed to guide you through the process of giving yourself the permission you need to shake off your doubt and pursue your dreams wholeheartedly.

Fear Not, Dream Big & Execute

Full of actionable exercises, this must-have book is packed with life lessons and tools about dreams and their pursuit. It will help you focus on your dream and change your mind about what you can accomplish.

The Dream Primer

What would you pursue if you weren’t afraid? What would you try if you accepted various failures as a part of the process? The truth is that overthinking leads to more self-doubt. Action produces hope. If you are ready to finally do something with your dream, to prime the pump to take action, well, permission granted.

New Book from Jeff Meyer Coming in 2023!

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