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May 5, 2020 | Building a Better You, Jeff In the News

Do you have a dream that’s in some way always been present in your mind, yet you’ve always come up with some reason to talk yourself out of actually trying to make it happen? Are you tired of trudging to the same job every day, knowing in your heart that you can do better, that you deserve better, and that things could get better with an invested team and real support? Is your own attitude and internal self-talk holding you back? 

If so, you need to attend an entrepreneur workshop so you can begin to understand how to unlock your potential and turn those dreams into reality.

How do you do this? Start by working with Jeff Meyer, a renowned life coach and experienced entrepreneur workshop facilitator. Jeff and his team of devoted coaches and successful dreamers understand what’s holding you back from pursuing things like business opportunities. Perhaps more importantly, he can help you remove those obstacles from your life and free your mind to pursue those long-held goals and dreams. You may have been tempted to give up on them at certain points. But, with Jeff’s Dream Accelerator you have the cheer squad you need to #moveforwardanyway.

What’s involved in Jeff Meyer’s entrepreneurial training program? See below:

The Dream Accelerator

The Dream Accelerator is unlike any other entrepreneur workshop out there, because you aren’t just sitting there with a group of people listening to an engaging speaker with an inspiring message. The Dream Accelerator is an actual workshop. It has been uniquely designed to assist you make an individual effort towards developing and articulating YOUR dream. Seasoned entrepreneurs can use this type of help from time to time. Think of it as a business education series that includes several steps, including:

  • A FREE initial 30-minute conversation – This call will help you clearly define your dream so you know what you’re pursuing when you attend our entrepreneur workshop. You must complete this call and define your dream before attending.
  • A second 30-minute call further defining your dream. We put a lot of individual work in before you attend the entrepreneur workshop.
  • A full-day entrepreneur workshop which includes personalized workshop time and coaching.
  • Two follow-up accountability and support sessions. 
  • Membership in the Dream Accelerator Facebook group

The Small Business Education Series and COVID-19

One of the things that’s true of any small business model creation is that it needs flexibility. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we are changing things up a bit in terms of how we do things. If you decide to take part in our small business entrepreneurship program, you won’t have to attend the one-day session in-person. Instead, we’re offering the opportunity for you to experience it virtually, for obvious reasons. That option also comes with a discounted fee, so consider this approach before dismissing the idea. Don’t give up on your dream. Don’t miss this opportunity to complete an entrepreneurial training program because of yet another outside, external reason.

The Next Entrepreneur Workshop Is Coming!

We’re getting ready to host another one-day small business entrepreneurship program. On June 12, 2020, the Dream Accelerator will be helping a new group of soon-to-be small business consultants and entrepreneurs. There’s still time to sign up for the event, but before you do so you need to answer some questions honestly:

  1. Am I ready this time to really take tangible steps towards realizing my dreams?
  2. Am I prepared to unlock my potential?
  3. Am I ready to clear the clutter I have placed on the road to success?
  4. Do I have one day to invest to change the course of my life?

Did you answer “yes” to these questions? Then,  take a look at the Dream Accelerator informational page and get started. We’ll see you in Wisconsin next month!


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