Make The Decision To Enroll In The 5-Day #moveforwardanyway Challenge And Serve Someone (you know your dream will benefit them!)

Jul 9, 2020 | Accelerating Your Dream, Jeff In the News

Stop for a minute and consider the benefit your idea, your dream brings to the people you will serve.

What problem does your dream address? 

When it comes to taking action on our dream/ our idea…we delay because we are focusing on ourselves, not on the people we long to serve.

The more you have your WHO in mind, the greater the boldness and immediacy of your action. You KNOW you can help them. You BELIEVE you have something for them of great benefit.

Yet, you don’t act.

Fear is crippling. Mostly because it takes our attention off of the people we long to serve, and tuns us inward. 

Understanding this motivation is the first step in grasping its deceptive, self-preservational ways.

The 5-day #moveforwardanyway Challenge

Join our life-giving and hope-inducing community of heart-centered entrepreneurs and gain some traction on your dream. 

This is a time sensitive post. Enrollment closes on Sunday at 8 central! And, enrollment. is capped so we can provide a personal and intimate setting. 

Sign up here, TODAY!


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