Resilience and Consistency

Apr 4, 2023 | Podcast

“That really hit home for me that as long as I was working for someone else, I was never probably going to get where I wanted to be,” shares Jason Stendalen, owner and agent of c4 Insurance Company. Jason and his wife are serial entrepreneurs with 4 businesses between the two of them. Jason’s goal with c4 is to really shake up the industry and change the way people think about insurance. In spite of encountering many challenges and having to fully restart from zero multiple times in a row, Jason has always maintained his resilience and consistency. Each new start was met head on and he did not let the fear of failure get in his way. 

It can be daunting to step outside the box and keep moving forward even after setbacks. Jason attributes much of his resilience to having a strong support system encouraging him and holding him accountable each step of the way. If you have been considering stepping out on your own and becoming an entrepreneur, don’t let fear of trying something new hold you back. Even if you do not succeed right away, keep going anyway. As long as you believe in yourself and really love what you do, you will find a way to make it work.

If you have been considering stepping out onto a new path and pursuing your dreams of entrepreneurship, don’t be afraid to try. Stay resilient and consistent, even in the face of challenges or roadblocks, and you may be surprised by all that you can achieve.


• “That really hit home for me that as long as I was working for someone else, that I was never probably going to get where I wanted to be, or they were going to require things that I didn’t want to do. And so that just kind of hit home for me that maybe I needed to find a different avenue to pursue my dreams.” (8:37-8:58 | Jason) 

• “No matter what industry you’re in, I think there’s bad apples out there that kind of ruin that for all of us. And there’s people that are ethical and do things maybe not the way that most of us would probably appreciate. And so I just really wanted to change that. And so C4 was created because I wanted to just change the industry.” (14:37-14:58 | Jason)

• “I think just being honest and living by the golden rule and just treating people the way that we want to be treated, I think that goes a long way. And I think that gets lost today.” (19:06-19:17 | Jason)

• “Just growing and maintaining our current path, that’s our primary focus is to just continue to do a good job.” (30:12-30:19 | Jason)

• “You have to take a step outside the box. You have to do something that you haven’t already tried. Don’t be afraid to fail.” (32:12-32:19 | Jason)

• “Talk to someone that’s going to support and encourage these movements, these thoughts, these actions, and someone that’s going to hold you accountable to actually taking steps towards it. That’s the only way you’re going to get there.” (32:48-33:00 | Jason) 


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