Business Coaching

How to get out of your own way and ensure that you reach your goals by making effective changes in your life.

Activate Faith Community

Align your beliefs with the way you lead your life, rooted in the Way of Jesus within a supportive group.

The Journey to Realize

Your Dream Begins Here

Move from an uncertain and over-thinking dreamer to a confident and action-taking visionary with coaching, content, & community.



As your invested partner, I will support you as you uncover brilliant clarity and a hope-filled path forward.



Let thought-provoking content stimulate your creativity and build your competency as you take steps toward your dream realization.


You are not alone. Join a community of action-taking successful dreamers and realize yours!

Unlock Your Potential For Transformation

Are You an Entrepreneur Who is Afraid to Take the Big Leap?

Fear is a paralyzing brute. Fear does its best work when we are immobilized by over thinking. You realize you were made for more, but it’s such a risky venture you consider. Constantly anxious about the BIG LEAP makes you a sitting duck for fear. Breaking down the BIG LEAP into your first step is the only way forward.

Are You a Leader Who Feels Like You Have Lost Sight of Your Dream?

Over time, dreamers can lose their fire. The spark can be snuffed out under the weight of making a living. The anticipation of something better can be silenced by years of working for someone else’s dream. Reclaiming YOUR birthright is the only way forward.

Are You a Writer or Creative Who Feels Stuck and Disconnected?

Our creativity can be muted over time. Dream crushers and unmet expectations can diminish anyone’s innovative capacity. And, over time, we can begin to believe the lie of helplessness, that it’s just the way it is supposed to be. Recovering your talents, your voice, your unique contribution is the only way to live.

About Jeff Meyer

Helping You Uncover Your Purpose and Reignite Your Dreams

If you are seeking to fearlessly pursue your dreams and make an impact on the world, Jeff Meyer is the catalyst you need to jumpstart your journey. Jeff inspires his clients with actionable steps that can be taken on any path of discovery or change. Through his proven coaching programs, podcast, and books, he offers unique insights and actionable steps to uncover your gifts and use them to make a meaningful impact in this ever-changing world.

As Your Dream Coach,

Jeff Will Help You Achieve:

Vision Clarity

Turn that pipe dream into a visionary aspiration. The only way forward is to get crystal clear on your motivating WHY and your benefiting WHO. Let’s get so clear that your heart is finally stirred to chase after your dream. Let’s make it so vivid that you cannot NOT pursue it.

Life Alignment

Reduce sideways energy and realize laser-like power when you bring objectives, passions, activity, and resources into purposeful alignment to realize your dream.

On The Road Adaptability

The dream pursuit is wrought with unexpected turns and delays for everyone. What will set you apart is that you will tap into the power of ongoing coaching and community to be your ever-present companion.

Choose the Coaching You Prefer

TWO Coaching Options to Jumpstart Your Dream

THE Dream Accelerator

A VIP group coaching program designed to help you turn over-thinking into action-taking & pursue your dream once and for all!

One on one coaching

Make the most of an individualized experience with one-on-one coaching – a tailored journey to reach your goals and maximize your potential.

Don’t Spend a Day Longer

Drifting Along in Life’s Current

You were made for amazing things – Let’s work together to eliminate the forces that are keeping you stuck, so you can start living the life you were meant to live.

Jeff is a master consultant, with an intuitive sense of when to challenge and when to encourage. An extraordinarily deep thinker, Jeff asks powerful questions that will empower you to discover your truth and design the best path forward.


Jeff is one of the most gifted and articulate public speakers I know. His passionate and engaging style, combined with his unique ability to boil the complex down to the basics. What’s more, his visionary leadership style is igniting a revolution and waking up many to the transformational powers of Jesus. Follow Jeff! He’s on fire.


I didn’t think there was anyone who would even know how to help us get to the next step. Jeff was able to adapt and help us find our unique places as leaders, without imposing the “what WE did” burden.


Jeff is a gifted leader and visionary committed to the work of God’s Kingdom, and to multiplying disciples, disciple makers, disciple-making leaders, and disciple-making churches. He is dedicated to living and leading according to God’s Word, and he’s well respected by those with whom he works and influences.


Seven months after Jeff Meyer’s Dream Accelerator, my company is on track to double last year’s revenue. We are expanding into 3 new states. We are just scratching the surface and feel confident using the training and techniques learned through the sessions with Jeff, we will be growing for many years to come.


Ready For A Life-Changing Venture?

It’s time to embark on a fresh journey that puts YOU in the driver’s seat of your life. Let’s work together as you move forward into a new exciting chapter full of possibilities.