Navigating Change: A Guide to Embracing Life’s Twists and Turns

Aug 15, 2023 | Building a Better You

Welcome to the roller coaster called life – a wild ride filled with ups, downs, and inevitable changes. Just as a rollercoaster ride can elicit a range of emotions – anticipation, excitement, even a touch of fear – so can life’s changes. 

But here’s the good news: these changes, if embraced, can serve as stepping-stones to a richer, more fulfilling life journey.

Understanding Change

Change is a constant companion in both our personal and professional journeys. It can come knocking at our door in various forms – perhaps as an anticipated transition like relocating for a job, or as an unforeseen twist like a sudden health setback. Sure, change can ruffle our feathers, but it also ignites the spark for growth and progress. 

Renowned psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross presents a fascinating insight into our multifaceted responses to such transformations through her Kubler-Ross model, often referred to as the five stages of grief.

Initially, we might find ourselves in denial, clinging tightly to our comfy status quo and averting our eyes from the emerging situation. Much like the initial resistance encountered while shifting gears in a vehicle, we may grapple with anger, directing it towards the change and perhaps even those we perceive as orchestrating it. This might take the form of fault-finding, outbursts, or feeling cornered.

As we continue our dance with change, we may engage in a bargaining phase, hunting for methods to push back or soften its blow. This stage can echo the rattling of a car as we wrestle with the new gear. As the gravity of the change permeates our consciousness, we might slide into a phase of depression, swallowed by feelings of sorrow or despair, reminiscent of a sudden drop in a car’s speed.

In time, acceptance dawns. While the change may not be one we sought or endorsed, we reconcile with its presence and unavoidability. We learn to adjust and press ahead, mirroring the smooth glide of a car post a gear change. It is here we might begin to notice the silver lining of change, ushering in sentiments of relief, gratitude, or even hopeful anticipation.

Regardless of whether they’re anticipated or surprise guests, changes bring along fresh viewpoints, encounters, and chances that eventually mold us into more rounded individuals. 

Keep in mind, these stages aren’t set in stone or linear; they can pop up in any sequence, overlap, or even get bypassed. It’s crucial to remember that we each have our unique way of dancing with change – and that’s perfectly okay. Regardless of the nature of change, it nudges us onward, enabling us to steer our life’s journey with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Coping with Change

How do we navigate the sea of uncertainties that sail in with change? The first port of call is managing stress and anchoring stability in the midst of shifting tides. 

Techniques like mindfulness meditation, jotting down thoughts in a journal, or even immersing in our hobbies can prove to be efficient stress-relievers, helping to balance emotions and trigger the release of feel-good hormones, endorphins. Similarly, directing our attention inward, acknowledging any physical manifestations of stress or tension, can heighten our adaptability.

In addition to personal practices, extending a hand towards friends or professionals for support can significantly buoy our journey through change. Engaging in conversations with someone who can relate to your circumstances, provide guidance, or share their personal narratives can ease feelings of solitude, enabling more effective processing of emotions and discovery of solutions.

Preserving a consistent routine can extend a lifeline of familiarity and control in the throes of chaos. However, this routine should also house efficient planning and problem-solving. 

Dicing the daunting change challenge into bite-sized tasks and drafting a to-do list can bestow a sense of control and reduce the sensation of being overwhelmed. Rather than brooding over the darker side of change, highlighting practical steps, organizing tasks, and acknowledging milestones can morph intimidating transitions into navigable journeys.

Remember, this doesn’t translate to adhering rigidly to a timetable. It’s about welcoming flexibility and adaptability – acknowledging that it’s perfectly fine to veer off course when life demands it. 

Striking a balance between methodical planning and adaptability cultivates resilience, equipping us to tackle change head-on, transform obstacles into opportunities, and ultimately foster our personal growth.

Embracing Change

Embracing change isn’t just about weathering the storm but learning to dance in the rain. It’s about the recognition that change, while it might introduce some discomfort, propels us forward to explore new horizons, acquire fresh skills, and perhaps even uncover unknown facets of ourselves. It’s about viewing change not as a disruption, but as a gateway to exciting possibilities and opportunities.

Imagine life as a river. With an open mindset, we can seamlessly blend with the flow, adapt, and utilize the currents of change to our advantage. This mindset helps us view new situations as a chance to evolve, grow, and progress in life.

Simultaneously, a positive attitude allows us to interpret the rapids not as menacing threats, but as exhilarating challenges that make the journey all the more rewarding. It instills in us the resilience to manage our emotions effectively, develop valuable coping skills like problem-solving or mindfulness, and in doing so, combat stress and build confidence to overcome any uncertainties that life might present. 

Embracing change is essentially about learning to turn the rough waves into a thrilling, enriching ride.


In this voyage of life, change is not only inevitable but essential. It’s the wind that fills our sails, guiding us towards new horizons. While the seas of change can sometimes be turbulent, we have the power to navigate these waters with grace and resilience.

The strategies outlined here – understanding the nature of change, employing stress-management techniques, maintaining stability, and fostering an open and positive mindset – are our compass and map, leading us to the fruitful journey of self-improvement and growth.

Finding yourself amidst the choppy waves of change, and yearning for a compass to guide you to calmer seas? I’m Jeff Meyer, a dedicated Christian life coach, eager to embark on this journey with you. Let’s connect today!

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