The #1 Reason Why We Fail To Achieve Our Goals

Jul 22, 2020 | Accelerating Your Dream, Building a Better You

I used to think that knowing how to set goals or determining what the right goals were, was a secret to success.

What I’ve discovered through all my work helping people pursue their dreams and realize them is that the single biggest reason for people failing to reach their goals to move forward with their dream is not a tactical issue. It’s not a what or how issue.

The single biggest reason why people fail to achieve their goals and therefore fail to achieve their dreams is a mindset issue.

It’s the fact that they have limiting beliefs. It’s about what they have given themselves over to about themselves, their capacity, their capability. It’s not a how or what problem, it’s a mindset problem. It’s a shift from worrying about the right tactics to really understanding how our mindset is keeping us from achieving what we’ve set out to do.

2020 is a prime example of this.

How many of us halfway through the year are like, that’s a wasted year? How many of us have used the pandemic as an excuse to not achieve our goals, to not move forward to realize our dream? How many of us gave ourselves an out because of what hit us mid-March, and continues to plague us? Like we’re waiting for it to lift so we can move forward and accomplish our goals.

It’s a mindset problem.

It’s a shift in thinking, taking our limiting beliefs and actually turning them on their head. Flipping the script, if you will, on those limiting beliefs, so that we can actually engage and #moveforwardanyway.

If you think that there’s any value in what I’m saying in this video, if you think this is something that might be impacting you, impacting your 2020…

2020 is not over!

2020 could be the best year ever for you. It starts right here. And I would like to help you understand that with just a few simple tweaks, shifts, change in perspective, leveraging those limiting beliefs and turning them on their head, this could be your best year ever. And, I mean, that you can turn this thing around.

To help you do this. I’d love to invite you to a FREE 30-minute dream session with me.

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Schedule a call with me.  30 minutes—-FREE!! You’ve got nothing to lose. Let’s talk about your dream. Let’s talk about what you want to achieve. And let’s talk about the mindset that’s keeping you from moving forward.

I can’t wait to help you not only rebound and reclaim this year- 2020, but to make it the best year ever, a year that you will always remember. And, not just for COVID or the Coronavirus, but for the fact that you finally understood your limiting beliefs and learned how to flip the script on them. I look forward to our conversation.


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