About Jeff Meyer

Empowering You to Use Hope as a Roadmap and Chase Down Your Dream

Jeff Meyer coaches creatives, business & ministry leaders, and entrepreneurs to realize their potential, clarify their vision, and believe in the power of their God-given dream again.

Unlock the Door to Your Future

and Take Command of What Lies Ahead

Jeff’s book, Fear Not, Dream Big, and Execute, was written to help you do just that! Listen to the audiobook for FREE!

About Jeff Meyer

A Gifted Thought Partner And Creative Catalyst

Throughout his lifetime, Jeff Meyer has developed a passion for encouraging people to dream despite their fear and boldly pursue their ‘next’ anyway. In the trenches of everyday mission and ministry, he has forged a pathway for many to utilize their unique gifts to make a difference in an ever-changing world. You will not only be informed by his writing but you will also be challenged at every turn to take action. Jeff will show you how it’s possible to turn fuel into motion, embracing positivity to live a more fulfilled life!

My Mission

Your Vision is Our Mission

Jeff Meyer equips entrepreneurs, creatives, and ministry leaders with a belief in their God-given potential, clarified vision for the impact they want to make, and action steps that will turn the vision into their reality.

Jeff’s ‘Move Forward Anyway’ Approach

Helping You Bridge the Gap Between Overthinking and Taking Action Towards What You Truly Desire



Our process begins with identifying and working to remove the barriers in your mind that are keeping you from believing in your God-given gifting and potential.



We take the time to clarify the essential elements of your vision, removing all the messy details and focusing on the core of your calling.



Jeff guides you to develop a crystal clear plan for making your dream a reality. By giving you actionable steps, you will be able to see the path ahead and start making progress toward your dream right away.

Tangible Resources
to Help You on Your Journey

Jeff connects with his audience through a variety of mediums, choose the one that resonates the most with you.


Everyone has something special to offer the world, but often our fears can derail us from achieving these goals. What could you do with your life if you made fuel from your fears? Learn from others who have tackled this question on the Move Forward Anyways podcast.


Jeff’s books are full of actionable exercises, life lessons, and tools that you can apply on your journey beyond fear and into the life of your dreams.


Do you know you have something to offer, but are frustrated that you are not yet delivering on it? Jeff’s individual and group coaching equips you with the tools for success on your journey to live out your calling.

Jeff Meyer’s Signature Coaching Program

The Dream Accelerator

This 52 week program will connect you with a community of fellow dreamers who are traveling the same path as you. With weekly coaching sessions and accountability, your journey toward living out your true calling will be clarified and accelerated. Join us – we would love to have you.