Bank on Yourself

Oct 18, 2022 | Podcast

“Don’t enrich another man’s bank when you could be building your own bank,” explains Marc Beshears, President of Top Wealth Agenda and Co-Author of #1 Amazon bestseller, The Secret to Lifetime Financial Security. Initially from the farm country of Michigan, Marc first pursued a golf career and became a PGA golf member. Marc then ran multiple resorts and worked for Goldman Sachs, eventually leading him to the impressive financial planning career he has today. 


After experiencing his own professional hardships, Marc understood the importance of thinking outside the box to secure wealth. After years of work and training, Marc educates his clients on safer, more effective investment tips through the “Bank On Yourself” plan. By teaching others how to eliminate third-party lenders from their lives and how to control their finances confidently, Marc can demonstrate that financial freedom is possible.


No matter how difficult life gets, you should always bank on yourself. Learn more about Marc’s unique career journey, finding dreams from pain, and building your own self-funded source capital.


• “I’ve always loved the name “Bank On Yourself,” because you got to do it yourself.” (17:56-18:01| Marc)

“Don’t enrich another man’s bank when you could be building your own bank. That does a whole lot more.” (27:08-27:14 | Marc)

• “This is so much easier than it has been, then we used to do it, which was always turning on the news and watching the market go up and down, up and down. We get to eliminate that.” (41:17-41:29 | Marc)

• “I would say investigate options that give you more choices and control of your wealth. And don’t be afraid to challenge the system.” (44:08-44:23 |  Marc) 

• “It is generational change. It’s inevitable because as you’ve eliminated bankers out of your life as you improved your tax footprint, you’re leaving a legacy behind it.” (45:31-45:44 | Marc)




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