Doubt or Fear Will Kill More Dreams Than Failure Ever Will!

Nov 1, 2022 | Podcast

“You never know until you try,” explains Michael Melton, Founder and Owner of Under Pressure Power Washing, LLC. Michael has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. After dropping out of high school, Michael started his career as a painter, eventually leading him to find fulfillment in the power washing industry.


Lacking a formal business background, Michael was afraid of failure before launching Under Pressure Power Washing. After realizing that the only way to understand business was to be in it, Michael decided to finally give it a try. Now a proud owner of a successful power-washing company, Michael can provide income for himself and his family while having the flexibility of being his own boss.


Don’t let fear or doubt kill your dreams. Learn more about Michael’s entrepreneurial journey, getting through the bad and good times, and how you never really know if something will work if you don’t try.



• “There are still a lot of stressful times and a lot of days that you question, even four years in the business, why am I still doing this? Or how can I still do this?”  (13:42-13:53 | Michael)

• “It’s all on you to wake up every day and provide income for yourself and your family. And there’s no one else really doing it.” (14:31-14:41 | Michael)

• “You never know until you try it, and you just got to start.” (20:41-20:45 | Michael)

• “It’s when you’re actually out in the field doing it that you’ll learn the most.” (21:52-21:56 | Michael) 

• “Work on being the best you can possibly be at that one thing.” (25:57-26:01 | Michael)



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