Dreams Can’t Be Accomplished In a Vacuum. Here’s Why. with Pastor Tim Ahlman

Mar 7, 2023 | Podcast

“I think pastors have been removed from leadership development all the way up to ordination, and I think that grieves the heart of God,” shares Pastor Tim Ahlman with the Christ Greenfield church. Tim is a third generation pastor and leader with the Unite Leadership Collective. His dream is to unite congregations and work together to multiply disciples as a collective. Leadership development and discipleship are two sides of the same coin and without strong leaders, the church will not be able to spread the message of God to as many people. 

Many pastors make the mistake of getting more caught up in the show and in being a big personality rather than actually growing the church. As a pastoral leader, you need to fall in love with development and bringing more people to Jesus’ table. Without strong leadership, the collective will fall apart and the mission of spreading God’s love to as many people as possible before Jesus returns will fail. Pastors may face internal and external resistance when presented with the idea of change, but it is important to push through that and recognize that fear and resistance as the voice of Satan. Ministry often feels isolating as pastors have been wrongly led to believe that it is wrong for them to have friends. However, no one can do everything alone, even Jesus had friends. Find people who can be your safety net and work together to reach your dreams.

If you feel the calling to pastoral leadership, do not let fear stop you from spreading the message of God’s love. It takes time to build trust between congregations, but coming together allows for a greater multiplication of discipleship. 


• “Discipleship is more caught than taught.” (5:52-5:54 | Tim)

• “Everything rises and falls on leadership. And by the grace of God, I am in a very healthy circuit and a very healthy district.” (12:03-12:12 | Tim)

• “It’s a slow go in building trust between congregations. It does not happen overnight.” (16:45-16:49 | Tim) 

• “This is not about me. This is about Him, and then it’s about our work together.” (23:43-23:49 | Tim)

• “My desire is not to win. My desire is simply to stay in the game and run with perseverance the race set out for me.” (24:47-24:55 | Tim)

• “I see leadership development and discipleship as two sides of the same coin.” (30:36-30:41 | Tim) 

• “I think pastors have been removed from leadership development all the way up to ordination, and I think that grieves the heart of God.” (35:49-34:56 | Tim)

• “Fear is from Satan, and I’m not bringing shame here. It should have no place in the heart of the follower of Jesus.” (38:23-38:31 | Tim)


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