How Missional Living Online Training Helps You Multiply Joy

Nov 1, 2017 | Building a Better You

So much of the missional training that is available today is isolated from the encouragement of community. We are on our own with most of the missional living online training. Yet, we master missional skills better together. Jeff explains the concept of the “30 Things” and shares how engaging with others in the Sardis Collective can help you experience AND multiply joy in missional living.


Video Transcription

A missional life is way more joyful than we make it. We live under a layer of ought tos and shoulds. And that’s why I produced this course called Joyful Obedience on the Sardis Collective. Jesus invites us to join Him in what he’s already doing in the world, and it’s good news for us that we get to participate in the Father’s business as Jesus is engaging in it. So I have made it my mission to try to help people understand this principle, this concept. Missional living is not some add-on thing that we’ve got to do to please God or to be a good Jesus follower, it’s something we GET to do.


Missional Living Online Training

I wanted to take an opportunity to just introduce you to the Gallery, Joyful Obedience, in the Sardis Collective by allowing you to get behind the scenes a little bit as I go through one of the exercises in the gallery that helps people learn how to actually process scripture, process a missional directive with this idea of joyful obedience.

So I took one of the passages that we talk about in the gallery: Acts 8, the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch. And using this exercise called 30 Things which I learned from Timothy Keller.

Missional Skill: 30 Things

You spend 30 minutes with the text and write down 30 observations, 30 questions, whatever it is that comes to your mind, into your heart as you’re reading the text, and you write those down. And then at the end, you pick out the one or two that really are standing out to you in that moment. And then you process, “Why is this important to me right now?” 

Missional Skills

So I simply set my iPhone to 30 minutes, open up the text Acts 8:26-40 as we’re instructed to do in the gallery, and I spent 30 minutes, and I just wrote down, get this, only 24 things. I didn’t even get to 30. Some people tend to beat themselves up if they don’t get to 30 and I do too because of my competitive nature. But 24 is okay, right? It’s just a matter of being in the text and seeing what comes out for you.


Prepared and Willing

So I wrote down those 24 things, and out of those, I spent some time looking over them. And there’s one or two that really came up the page to me when I did this a couple of days ago. The one thing I want to share with you is this. It was such a blessing for me to discern and understand that Philip had been prepared for that moment when the spirit told him to go down the road to Gaza. So he recognized the Spirit’s voice because he had been in communion with the Spirit. And not only was he prepared, he was willing.

And so the real simple lesson for me in this text was that God will use any person who is prepared and willing, which led me to ask the question, “How am I preparing for those moments? How am I in communion with God so that I can be ready when he calls? I can be prepared to know that someone’s reading the prophet Isaiah 53, as the Ethiopian eunuch was, and be able to explain how it connects back to life in Jesus.”   

Missional Skills Multiply Together

So how am I being prepared?

Missional living, the missional life, is way more joyful when we can spend time in His Word and see how God interacts with others in these missional directives. And here’s the other thing I want us to remember. Not only is it way more joyful, that joy gets multiplied when we share our insights together. And that’s why we call it the Sardis Collective. We master better together than we ever do alone.

So I’d like to invite you in this blog post to sign up for Joyful Obedience. It’s a small investment but it’s a huge benefit and a huge blessing to multiply that joy in the lives of others who are following Jesus as you share your insight. We are blessed when you do. I’ll see you in the gallery.




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