How To Overcome Your Unsettledness And Reignite Your Passion

Mar 9, 2020 | Building a Better You, Jeff In the News

When our focus is on making money (end result) we will never have enough. This focus creates worry and anxiety .

We will never have enough!

In my most recent YouTube Video learn how to eliminate worry and anxiety. In their place, reignite a passion to live out your purpose. For those who can listen all the way through the video, there is a special offer waiting for you to help you do just that!



Transcription of my “Discover Your Purpose” YouTube video:

Recently I discovered a poll on Financial Health Network that said seven out of ten Americans don’t feel financially stable. Initially that shocked me.

I don’t know, how does that land on you? 70% of Americans financially unstable, worried about finances?

Anxious about: Do they have enough coming in?

That got me thinking that perhaps one of the reasons for that is that people are focused on the outcomes and not on motivations. They’re focused on the end result of making money and not on the motivating factor of living a life of purpose, pursuing what God has given them to do in the world.

So, I help people get clear on their motivation, their WHY. And then, to begin to think about the dream to pursue that WHY; what value they can add in the world, what difference they can make in the world.

One of the phrases we like to use with our clients is that #moveforwardanyway because your dream needs to live. Your dream must live. The world needs it.

A few years ago, when I was struggling with my own understanding of my WHY,  my own understanding of my dream, kind of in an unsettled place, stuck in the day to day life of what I had been doing for so many years, I took a sabbatical from the local ministry where I serve as lead pastor and spent six months just really searching out my WHY and my motivation for living.

I’m very grateful for the Church, for allowing me to take advantage of that space. By the way, it gave them an opportunity to connect their WHY as well, to see if we could work together moving forward. I’m happy to report we are today.

During that sabbatical, I wrote a book called Fear Not, Dream Big & Execute. It’s a collection of my day to day journals. I didn’t set out determined to write a book. It just became a book. And I’d like to help you today.

If you’re in that unsettled space, that space of getting up in the morning and knowing there’s something more and you’re just kind of stuck in the dry routine, maybe of carrying someone else’s dream out. And, you want to get clear on your own. You know there’s a bigger purpose for you.

I’d like to give you this book for FREE. All I’m asking you for is to cover the shipping.

You can do that just by clicking this link. Maybe we can begin a journey together. I’d love to be able to help you with your dream. I’d love to be able to help you with discerning and getting clear about YOUR WHY because then I know you’ll be motivated and energized every day to pursue it, to overcome the obstacles that inevitably will come up and then eventually, actually monetizing the dream. Not because you need the money, but because you know that in order to add value to the world, there’ll be compensation for it.

So, let’s get motivated by our WHY. Okay? And, stop wasting our days just trying to fulfill the outcome.

Let’s let the outcome take care of itself. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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