I Just I Say Take Imperfect Action and Take Your Next Best Step!

May 3, 2022 | Podcast


“I do something every day that makes me afraid. That is my goal,” explains Kary Oberbrunner, CEO of Igniting Souls Publishing. Throughout his writing career, Kary has realized that fear promotes productivity. Today, Kary and Jeff explore our relationship with fear and how to utilize that feeling to trigger action.


Kary understands that all human beings fall many times before they learn to walk. This truth still applies to adults when trying to achieve a goal. Since failure is inevitable, it is not something that defines us as people. Failure is a part of life. With this in mind, it’s essential to put yourself out there and not let fear paralyze you but instead motivate you to fulfill your dreams.


Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an uplifting conversation on taking imperfect action. Learn more about fear’s relationship to productivity, the importance of “flow,” and why failure is not an identity.



• “I do something every day that makes me afraid. That is my goal.” (2:57 – 3:03)

• “Most people never get in the flow or rarely get in the flow, because they’ve learned to struggle. And therefore the fear that comes with struggle is something to be avoided rather than invited.” (3:56 – 4:09)

• “Humans are either evolving right before us, or we’re learning to tap into “flow.” It’s an optimal state of human performance.” (5:20 – 5:31)

• “I didn’t have any plans. I just say take imperfect action and take your next best step.” (17:30 – 17:38)

• “The world has changed. Are you still trying to reach your people the same way?” (22:22 – 22:26)

• “I’m the guy who says clarity attracts and confusion repels. I don’t want to be • unclear and then repel people.” (23:52 – 23:59)



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