Learn to See Yourself for Who You Really Are Outside of Your Personality

Oct 4, 2022 | Podcast


“The Enneagram is a tool that helps you see yourself for who you are outside your personality,” explains returning guest Hallie Ringhand, MFT Founder. As a coach that helps entrepreneurs and leaders excel, Hallie understands the importance of having a deep sense of self. Also an expert on the Enneagram, Hallie shares how the personality tool can be used to aid you while starting a business.


Due to the nature of the work, it’s common for business owners to feel stuck. We can also feel unable to move past certain personality traits. Through the Enneagram, Hallie helps her clients understand their personality types so that they can grow past the behaviors that hold them back. Ultimately, we all have certain tendencies that can be both helpful and damaging, but through understanding ourselves, we can find success.


No matter what path you pursue, it’s valuable to discover your true self. Learn more about how the Enneagram works, the dangers of putting ourselves in a box, and the difference between our internal and external resources. 



• “The enneagram is a tool that helps you see yourself for who you are outside your personality.” (5:20-5:29 | Hallie)

• “I like to educate people in terms of now that you know what your personality entails, I want to help you get out of the box that you put yourself in.” (6:03-6:11 | Hallie)

• “Our personality serves a huge purpose and allows us to stay safe, understand ourselves in our world, and succeed.” (8:31-8:41 | Hallie)

• “You’re always going to be learning, and you always are working on yourself. There isn’t really an end.” (30:32-30:37 | Hallie)

• “That process is so powerful because then you, you’re the one who makes the decision. It’s not somebody else slapping a label on your diagnosis.” (34:54-35:03 | Hallie)



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