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How to Tell If You're Ready to Pursue Your Dream with Brian Robinson
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Show Notes

“You can either be an owner or an operator. You can’t do both all the time,” explains Brian Robinson, Co-Founder, and Co-Owner, of The Perfect Grounds, LLC. First a climber for a local tree business, Brian dreamed of opening a business of his own. Now stewarding the gifts of God, Brian’s dream has come to life.

We may not always feel prepared, but when God calls us, we can’t ignore it. When Brian was faced with a project that other companies turned down, he prayed on it and then succeeded. Although it would be simpler not to own a business and just work for someone else, Brian took on the difficulties of his industry and has been rewarded for his leap of faith. If you trust that God will lead the way, you’ll be surprised how much you can grow.

In life, you have to ask yourself, “are you an owner or operator?” Learn more about Brian’s religious journey, how he tackled a challenging project, and why God will equip you if you step up.


• “You can either be an owner or an operator. You can’t do both all the time.” (5:18-5:25 | Brian)

• “It’s been a wild ride, and I’ve learned so much.” (16:38-16:46 | Brian)

• “We step out in faith and do what he’s telling us to do regardless. Just go. He’ll equip you as you go.” (24:09-24:18 | Brian)

• “Quit ignoring God’s calling.” (29:11-29:13 | Brian)

• “He will equip you, He will show you, but you have to step out.” (29:24-29:29 | Brian)

• “I’m not anywhere near done. I’m still believing, pushing. And when that door opens, I will jump through it. It’s going to happen.” (30:42-30:51 | Brian) 


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