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Regret-Proofing Your Journey: How to Embrace YOUR Calling and Rewrite Your Story
Regret is like a weightless anchor that can sink your spirit, a mirror reflecting missed opportunities, and a bridge to the land of 'if only.' Join us as we explore the common reasons people settle for working on someone else's dream, and discover actionable steps to integrate your personal dreams into your professional life.

Show Notes

Has your fear of failure stopped the momentum of your dream in its tracks?

I’m excited today to introduce you to my new friend and business colleague, Gail Groy, who’s here to turn your “can’ts” into “cans”

We’re diving deep to solve the inertia and restlessness that is keeping you anxious, stuck, and passive in your dream pursuit.


How Gail was able to overcome her own fear and anxiety in order to live her dream.
The secret to balancing dreams with the “life” we so often blame for getting in the way.
Gail’s secret to making your dreams a part of your life, not tailoring your life to fit your dream!

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