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Jeff Meyer Coaching
Unearth the Hidden Habits that Fuel Entrepreneurial Grit
Ready to unlock your entrepreneurial potential? Join me as we explore ten actionable habits that can bolster entrepreneurial grit, including boundary-setting, self-care, delegation, and more.

Has thinking about your dream ever left you frustrated, unsettled, and maybe even confused?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be suffering from a lack of dream clarity. 

This lack of a clear dream vision can be deadly to your dream and allow that self-doubt and negative self-talk to creep in, which is why this week we’re simplifying dream clarity to begin cutting through the mist so that you can see with new, fresh eyes what you were meant to pursue. 


  • How my six-month sabbatical from ministry led me to greater clarity than I could ever imagine.
  • The two major mistakes you may be making to land you in a “fuzzy land” of manipulation, anxiety, and restlessness.
  • Why four simple questions just might be the key to unlocking complete clarity around your dream and allowing yourself to bring it to life!

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Next week on the show, we’re gonna discover how many of us are suffering under personal identity, and creating false narratives that are stopping us from living our fullest potential. A true and healthy understanding of self leads to an abundance mindset. So join me back here next week for that discussion.

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