Put a Plan to Work and God Will Meet You

Jan 25, 2022 | Podcast


“As faithful as God is, you have to put a plan to work and then expect God to meet you with your efforts,” says Steven Barnes, Founder and Owner of Salon Barnes & Barnes. After fourteen years of hairdressing, Steven realized he wanted to launch a business for himself. Steven convinced his wife Debbie to start a salon with him, so they founded Salon Barnes & Barnes. Over the last 20 years, Steven and Debbie have successfully built a fantastic business together. 

Steven has always had confidence in his abilities. With his belief in God and recognition of his skill-set, he had faith that people would come sit in his chair. However, he also understood that as supportive as God is, he would have to put in the work to succeed. Through his talent for connecting with people and willingness to devote his life to honing his craft, Steven has built an incredible business where his clients can come for a haircut, but also a great experience. 

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for a gratifying conversation on the positive results of committing to your dream. Learn more about Steven’s journey into self-employment, the importance of humility, and how God will always support you if you put in the work.



• “You have to go out and do something. As faithful as God is, you have to put a plan to work and then expect God to meet you with your efforts.” (14:03 – 14:20)

• “I’ve always said, ‘When you learn something well enough to teach it, it’s a completely different level.’ If you can articulate in a way that makes people understand what you’re doing and give them confidence in what you’re doing, they’ll come back.” (21:14 – 21:28)

• “It was an opportunity that God gave me that allowed me to start a business.” (22:53 – 23:06)

• “I was always taught that you find somebody who’s successful in what you do and you just do what they did. I have always had a great desire to share the knowledge that I know to give people a foundation. We have to have a real strong foundation in what we do and if we never learn that foundation, you can never build on it. It’s just like the work. You got to build your life on the rock.” (23:26 – 23:56) 

• “There are probably seasons in everyone’s life when humility is the only thing that is going to take them to their next step. To humble themselves and do something that they feel like, maybe be beneath them, and you can grow from that.” (25:26 – 25:49)



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Salon Barnes & Barnes Address: 5103 Kingston Pike, Suite 109

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Phone: (865)-680-7838 | (865)-607-9033

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