Whatever God’s Calling You To Do, It Will Bring You Great Joy

Mar 8, 2022 | Podcast


“Don’t ever be afraid of what God asks you to do because it’s what he created you to do,” says Kathy Bissen, Founder and Medical Director of SoleCare for Souls. Seventeen years ago at bible study, Kathy felt compelled by God to start something, although she did not initially know what. After a night of praying, it finally hit her, and Kathy realized that she wanted to create a foot care clinic for the homeless, bringing her dream into focus.

Although an experienced nurse, Kathy was not an expert in podiatry. Driven to learn what she could and collect the necessary tools, Kathy kept meeting the right people to make her clinic a reality. By trusting that God would guide her despite her doubts, Kathy is proof that you don’t need to have all the steps in place to start pursuing your dream.

Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for a moving conversation on following your calling. Learn more about how Kathy founded SoleCare for Souls, the importance of listening for inspiration, and how passion can get you through the most challenging days. 



• “Lord, I’m going to go through and answer the questions I can, and the ones I can’t. I’m going to flag according to what I need. I either needed an accountant, legal, or administrative. So, I flagged those, and God brought those people into my life.” (20:51 – 21:07)

• “Don’t ever be afraid of what God asks you to do because it’s what he created you to do.” (42:31 – 42:38)

• “It’s not going to be easy. No, it’s not easy. But it brings great joy, great inner peace, and great communion with our Lord.” (47:04 – 47:15)

• “There’s nothing like having a passion for what you’re doing to help you get through those icky days.” (47:24 – 47:29)

• “You just have to keep your eyes open. Don’t be getting too big on the dream – just be right at the moment.” (47:44 – 47:55)

• “Some businesses are made to be small, and they’re very successful because they’re small. One of the discussions I would have with my board of directors over the years is to think about growing bigger. I knew I wasn’t the person. I just wanted to go deep.” (47:56 – 48:13)


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