Can You Still Reach Your 2020 Goals?

Aug 3, 2020 | Accelerating Your Dream, Building a Better You


2020 What a waste, right?

Have you seen the memes? “2020: I don’t recommend it!” 

I started out the year with a pretty lofty revenue goal for the business, Meyer + LLC. And then COVID hit.  And my goal was all set based on four one day, on-site workshops. That got blown up in May. Our first one cancelled, second one in August, canceled-canceling our third one this fall.

And so, I had to pivot.

I had to work around that problem, to continue to #moveforwardanyway.

Perhaps you’re sitting here in the middle of the year, wondering how in the world you’re going to accomplish your revenue goals because your tactic, your approach has just been cancelled because of COVID. I want to encourage you, if this is true for you, I’d like to encourage you to consider the possibility that this still could be a great year for you. We still have half a year to go. And you’re not going to get there by holding on to the old tactics that you had in mind at the beginning of the year. You’re going to have to pivot. You’re going to have to adjust.

If you think that’s an opportunity for you, I’d like to offer a free 30-minute conversation with me to help you pivot, to help you think about other options, other ways to accomplish your objective, to get your voice out, to get your product out, …in spite of what’s happened the first part of this year.

I don’t believe that 2020 is over. We still got a long way to go. And you can pivot. And, you can make it the best year ever… still.

You might need some help doing that. So just click on the link and schedule your 30-minute conversation. What do you got to lose? Let’s talk.Let someone else think through other possibilities with you to make this the best year ever. 

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