How To #moveforwardanyway And Take Bold Action

Jun 29, 2020 | Accelerating Your Dream, Building a Better You


How many times recently have you allowed fear to have the final say? How often have you been nudged to take action, say something, do something, but instead, you remained stationary?

How many times, and for how long have you been carrying around an idea or a dream in your head….you wanted to do something, try taking action, but up to this point you haven’t?

Welcome to the club. Humanity is renowned for our fearfulness. Fear is real.

For everyone.

And courage is accessible to everyone.

Many of us have bought the lie that only a select few accomplish their bold dreams because they were extra special courageous creatures.

It’s a lie.

Sometimes we just need a refresh, a new perspective, a different way to look at things.

…a different way to look at fear.

The #5-day #moveforwardanyway Challenge       

July 13th-17th

Here’s what one of recent enrolees had to say about the challenge:

“Before this challenge, I would deny my dream and brush it under the rug to try and forget about it. Whenever I would see Jeff Meyer posts about dreams, fears or taking the next step, a little spark would ignite in my heart and my dream would come out from under the rug. Since going through the 5 day challenge a fire has been lit for me surrounding my dream. In order for my idea to become an experience for others I need to act. I’m excited to take my imperfect action so I’m not a sitting duck to fear. I still have a little fear surrounding my dream but I’m not going to get rid of fear and that’s ok. I now know how to fuel that fear into action thanks to Jeff and his team.”

What lies has fear got you believing about your dream, about your idea? Why not make the decision right now to join our next challenge?

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