Unlocking Your Superpower: Learn to Identify and Manage Your Emotions

Mar 16, 2024 | Podcast

 As humans, we have the incredible gift of being able to “feel all the feelings.” Moments of great joy, great sadness, all of these are wonderful things. However, letting our feelings and letting our emotions out of our control can also have negative effects on not just us, but those around us. We must understand how to navigate our feelings, and direct them in the directions that best work for our dream.

Self-awareness and self-regulation are but two of the most important tools in the path to control our emotions. It is by looking at the mirror (seeing the plank in our own eye), that we can make moves away from obstacles in our lives, or potential stressors (taking the speck out of your brother’s eye). We’ll take a look at the Jesus’ Way and what He can teach us about regulating our emotions to succeed.

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