Go it Alone or Joint Venture — What’s More Effective? with Beth Moffatt & Paige Risley

Feb 7, 2023 | Podcast

“Don’t ever doubt God. If you feel led to do this, if you feel a strong enough passion for this, there’s a reason. And you’ve got to walk through that door,” shares Paige Risley, co-owner of We Recruit Well alongside longtime friend Beth Moffatt. Both Paige and Beth felt called to help business owners who were struggling to balance their business life with their family life. These two may have been friends prior to starting their business, but it is their differences that are their biggest strengths. 

Beth and Paige differ in where they excel in the business so much so that they think of themselves as salt and pepper. This works out perfectly so that they can divide and conquer to get everything done between the two of them. Together, they help to match overworked business owners with the perfect assistant for them, one who aligns with their values. This helps these entrepreneurs fill in the gaps where they were struggling and take tasks off their plates so that they can regain time for their families and personal lives. 

If you feel passionate about helping others and feel like you are being called to start a business, there is a reason for it. Don’t be afraid to take the first step through any door God holds open for you.


• “They’re saying, ‘I just need more time with my family, and I want to be in my business. But I don’t want to be so up in it all the time’.” (12:14-12:23 | Beth)

• “We are salt and pepper. God just put us together perfectly for this business.” (16:00-16:09 | Beth) 

• “When I get on a call, the first thing I want to know is what is your need? I want to hear them out. I never start with what we can provide because how can I know what we can provide till I know where the gaps are for them?” (23:41-23:56 | Beth)

• “We’re always looking for someone who aligns with their values, with the business or church or nonprofit values in some way because that is above everything.” (35:46-35:59 | Beth)

• “Don’t ever doubt God. If you feel led to do this, if you feel a strong enough passion for this, there’s a reason. And you got to walk through that door.” (47:14-47:28 | Paige)


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