Is the Time Right To Pursue Your Dream? (And, What To Do If It Isn’t) with The Skit Guys

Nov 11, 2023 | Podcast

Is the Time Right To Pursue Your Dream? (And, What To Do If It Isn’t) with The Skit Guys


When should I start pursuing my dream? When can I hop on the path toward success, and who should I bring with me? Life has many twists and turns, and you may not know when exactly to jump on the train toward your dream. But, understanding where you are and knowing where you want to be can be a guiding light to nurturing your success.


For Tommy Woodard and Eddie James (A.K.A. The Skit Guys), they got the answer when they met in high school. Throughout their lives and ministry, they’ve encountered the expected ups and downs, but understood the power of saying yes to your dream anyway. Putting your trust in your dream and in yourself is the key to success, and with that foundation God can make it true.



  • Dreams only happen while others are dreaming. Of course, after a long day the only thing most of us will want to do is to sleep. But in knowing that following our dreams we’ll often encounter an uphill, countercurrent path, we should not let that dissuade us.
  • At the end of the day, we’re all the perfect creations of God, and as such, each one of us could receive a vision from Him to follow our dreams. Remember that we all owe it to ourselves to go for it.
  • Your dream might currently be nothing more than just a beautiful sentiment, but the Skit Guys are here to give you the encouragement you need to take that one step and begin the long journey to achieving your dream.

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