Our Main Mission and Purpose Was to Create a Sense of Community and a Place to Connect People

May 31, 2022 | Podcast


“Our mission was to bring the community into our 3000 square foot space and bring a sense of community to Downtown Oconomowoc,” says Hilary DeVries, co-owner of Roots Coffee Bar. Heidi Latch and Hilary DeVries are two sisters from Wisconsin who both had a shared dream of opening a coffee shop. Ten years later, they reflect on how far they’ve come and are grateful that their parents pushed them to pursue their passions.


Heidi and Hilary ensure that Roots Coffee Bar is where people can come, sit, and connect. More than just serving good coffee, their main goal was to foster a sense of community, which they happily achieved. Although it wasn’t easy, and the money wasn’t always there, the sisters knew that their dream would come true if they relied on each other. 


Tune into this week’s episode of Move Forward Anyway for an inspiring conversation on creating community. Learn more about what sparked Heidi and Hilary’s dream, the strength of their partnership, and how they pushed forward through life’s many challenges.




• “That first spark was our parents pushing us, saying, “I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Stop talking and just do it.” So, we’re like, okay, we better do it now.” [Heidi] (7:53 – 8:00)

• “I think we just told ourselves we were doing it. So, we would figure out how we had to do it.” [Heidi] (16:43 – 16:48)

• “We trust each other, but we also know what buttons to press and what not to press because we know each other.” [Hilary] (19:24 – 19:32)

• “I would say you have to look inside yourself and decide whether or not your passion is there. If you know you want to do it and truly believe in your heart that you want it, it will happen.” [Heidi] (21:05 – 21:18)

• “I think you just got to keep pushing forward and keep your eye to the goal you have if that’s your passion, that’s in your heart, and you can feel it. If it’s there, it’s there. And you can feel that’s what you should be doing.” [Heidi] (22:11 – 22:25)

• “Our mission was to bring the community into our 3000 square foot space and bring a sense of community to Downtown Oconomowoc.” [Hilary] “36:15 – 36:26)

• “Just keep going and find either a mentor or a friend or someone to walk alongside you to help you, guide you, and even just be your biggest cheerleader.” [Heidi] (39:08 – 39:19)



Get in touch with Heidi Latch and Hilary DeVries:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/The-Roots-Coffeebar-Cafe-198272476886362

Email: rootscoffeebar@gmail.com

Ph# (262) 354-0705

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